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What is a Virtual Phone Number?

A virtual phone number is a telephone number that is not directly associated with a physical phone line. Instead, it is a cloud-based number that can be used to make and receive calls from anywhere in the world. Virtual phone numbers are used by businesses to establish a virtual presence in a foreign country, allowing them to expand their operations without the need for physical infrastructure.

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How Does a Virtual Phone Number Work?

Virtual phone numbers work by using the internet to make and receive calls. When a call is made to a virtual phone number, it is routed through the internet and directed to the designated phone line. The caller does not know that the call is being routed through a virtual phone number, and the recipient of the call sees the virtual phone number as the caller ID.

Benefits of Using a Virtual Phone Number

Using a virtual phone number has several benefits for businesses, including:

Cost Savings

Virtual phone numbers are much cheaper than traditional phone lines. They do not require any physical infrastructure, and the cost of making and receiving calls is significantly lower than traditional phone lines.

Professional Image

Virtual phone numbers give businesses a professional image by providing them with a dedicated phone line that is associated with their business.


Virtual phone numbers can be used to make and receive calls from anywhere in the world, giving businesses the flexibility to operate from anywhere.

Benin Virtual Phone Numbers

Letsdial is a leading provider of virtual phone numbers in Benin. They offer a wide range of virtual phone numbers that can be used for business and personal purposes. Letsdial provides virtual phone numbers in all major cities in Benin, including Cotonou, Porto Novo, Parakou, and Abomey-Calavi. Letsdial’s virtual phone numbers come with several features, including call forwarding, voicemail, call recording, and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system. They also offer toll-free numbers and local numbers, which can be used to establish a local presence in Benin. Letsdial’s virtual phone numbers are compatible with all major phone systems and can be used to make and receive calls from anywhere in the world.


How to Get aBenin Virtual Phone Number with Letsdial

Getting a virtual phone number with Letsdial is easy. Here are the steps