About Us

About us

Lets Dial PTE LTD

Let's Dial PTE LTD (Lets Dial) is a VoIP service provider company that deals with wholesale VOIP termination, CC routes for the USA as well as international, CLI routes for all destinations. You will get a lot of advantages if you choose our services. The best thing you will notice is that we are always clinging to our commitment. There is no gap between our commitment and quality.
Let's dial is on a mission of expanding our business worldwide. Currently, we are providing our services to major tier1 and tier 2 companies. They are using our VOIP termination for different purposes. Also most of our users like the CC Routes. It is a quite compatible and flexible service for Call centers.
Let's dial is equipped with the latest technology and expert engineers. We have also deployed a number of teams for ensuring a good customer experience. Our customers are our main capital. So we ensure that they are getting what even they could not expect at such a low cost. If you think about costs, we don’t charge even 50% compared to the benefits you will get.
We are happy enough as the number of our users is increasing faster than we could expect. The revenue we generate is enough for us but our users get a huge benefit due to our low costs. They can save a huge amount and get a lot of benefits.
Another important point to be discussed is that you are getting a lot of virtual solutions from us at the same time. Maintain a strong distribution and supply chain for your company. It is vital to sustain and build strong relationships among the customers and suppliers. The relationship is encouraged or discouraged largely due to your communication smoothness. If a customer fails to connect properly at the first attempt, that means you have lost that customer.
The main difference between us and other service providers is that they have gaps in their commitment. They show more but do less. We don’t want to focus on what they are doing at all. But we can guarantee that what we say, we do. Though there are many companies who sell their services properly, still we are one step ahead of them due to our product quality.
We started with only VOIP services a few years back. But due to the fast growth in all types of virtual service demand, we have also increased the services as well as our capacity.
Always try to choose a provider that will understand what you need. We work in combination with customers. So we can implement what they need instantly. Also, we listen to the customers’ problems seriously and try to provide a solution in the shortest time. So you can get the best user experience from us.
Use our services, generate more revenue and establish your brand among the top brands in the world!