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Lets Dial makes it easy to keep track of your minutes and control your expenses. There are no contracts or hidden fees involved. With Lets Dial, you can enjoy cheap international calling to both landlines and mobiles anywhere worldwide, all while using premium-quality phone lines.



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Lets Dial offers cheap international calling options to suit your needs, no matter where you are calling or how often. You can choose unlimited global calling subscriptions, minute buckets, or cheap international calling minutes. With Lets Dial, you can make affordable calls anywhere in the world.


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Mark Taylor

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Stephen Boardman

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Jenifer Micheal

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Jessica Ramirez

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How do I make an international call with Lets Dial?

To make an international call using Lets Dial, dial the international access code (often ‘+’), followed by the country code of the destination number, then the area code (if applicable), and finally the local phone number.

What are the charges for international calls on Lets Dial?

Charges for international calls on Lets Dial vary depending on the destination country and the type of calling plan you have. However, Lets Dial offers competitive rates for international calls compared to traditional service providers.

Can I make international calls from my mobile phone using Lets Dial?

Yes, you can make international calls from your mobile phone using the Lets Dial app, which is available for both Android and iOS devices.

What are some cost-effective ways to make international calls with Lets Dial?

Lets Dial offers various cost-effective options for international calling, such as unlimited global calling subscriptions, minute buckets, and cheap international calling minutes.

How is the quality of an international call on Lets Dial?

Lets Dial uses premium-quality phone lines to ensure that your international calls are clear and reliable.

Can I use Lets Dial for international calling while traveling abroad?

Yes, you can use Lets Dial for international calling while traveling abroad, as long as you have a stable internet connection (3G/4G or WiFi).

Are there any restrictions on international calling with Lets Dial?

Restrictions on international calling with Lets Dial may vary depending on the destination country and the type of calling plan you have. It’s best to check with Lets Dial for specific information.

What is a country code in international calling?

A country code is a unique numerical prefix assigned to each country for international telephone calls. It helps identify the destination country when making an international call.

Does Lets Dial offer virtual phone numbers for international calling?

Yes, Lets Dial offers virtual phone numbers for international calling, allowing you to have a local presence in various countries without needing a physical phone line.

Is there a minimum contract period for using Lets Dial's international calling services?

No, there are no minimum contract periods or hidden fees when using Lets Dial’s international calling services, giving you the flexibility to use the service as needed.