What is an Ethiopial Virtual Phone Number?

An Ethiopia Virtual Phone Number is a phone number that is not tied to a physical phone line or location. It is a virtual phone number that can be routed to any phone number in the world, including landlines, mobile phones, and VoIP phones. With an Ethiopia Virtual Phone Number, businesses can establish a local presence in Ethiopia without the need for a physical office or phone line.

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Ethiopia Virtual Phone Number

Benefits of Using an Ethiopia Virtual Phone Number

Features providedby Letsdial

Letsdial is a leading virtual phone number provider in Ethiopia, offering a wide range of features and services to help businesses improve their communication.


Call forwarding

With Letsdial, businesses can forward calls to any device, including mobile phones, landlines, and VoIP phones.



Letsdial provides a voicemail service that allows businesses to receive messages when they are unavailable to take calls.


Call recording

The Letsdial call recording feature allows businesses to record important calls for future reference.


Customized greetings

Businesses can create customized greetings for their virtual phone numbers, making it easy to provide a professional image to their customers.


International calling

With Letsdial, businesses can make international calls at affordable rates, making it easy to communicate with partners and customers around the world.


our Letsdial is improving business communication

Letsdial is revolutionizing the way businesses communicate in Ethiopia by providing a cost-effective and flexible solution that allows businesses to establish a local presence in Ethiopia. With its wide range of features and services,Letsdial is helping businesses improve their communication with their customers and partners, resulting in better relationships and increased revenue.