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May 13, 2022
VoIP Costs

Trace Your VoIP Costs Down To The User In Seconds, is Let’s discuss voip trace things constantly affecting your profitability and cost control. Let’s then talk about an easy way to reduce your expenses. Tracking phone costs to the source can seem like digging through a maze of needles looking for the right hand.

Trace Your VoIP Costs

VoIP Costs There are many great reasons to understand where your voip phone bill is coming from. There may be a way to improve the process or behavior causing excessive expenditure in a particular department or person. It can take a lot of time to sort through each call manually.

Custom tags allow you to identify the origin extension and pinpoint where calls went. Your accounting department can quickly identify the originating extension and determine which cost centers are involved by searching for a ring in your CDRs. This will allow you to assign expenses and save you time and effort.


Locating Your Phone Bill Seems Impossible

The SIP call signaling data that sets up your phone calls contain custom X-Tags or VoIP Costs. This is a special field that SIP trunking service providers transmit to help partners and carriers in their billing process. It also happens to be a cost management tool.

You can add the following line to your SIP profile: It would tag all calls to or from that extension with “bob,” as shown in the above example, for easy identification. The search process is slow and costly without the tag.

In the rare event that your system has individual Caller IDs, you don’t require custom tags. You can search for phone bills by Caller ID in this case. If your phone system has a universal CallerID, you can give your accounting department access and allow them to search through your call records. They’d probably quit looking at the data again. You can also search for single transactions by date and time. But first, you must perform a search to locate the date, number and time.

Lets Dial Custom Tagging

With custom tagging, your accountants can access the billing information that they already use to find the information needed to audit your VoIP Costs. It’s easy. It’s also free. When you set up your VoIP system, make sure you have custom X-Tags available. learn about cc route.

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