Voicemail gives you complete control over incoming messages. Visually see who has called and when; replay messages anytime; archive or delete them online with just a few clicks of your mouse. Best of all, we even offer transcription services so that you can quickly read your message without having to listen every time.

Features of Voicemail

Features of Voicemail

Letsdial’s Voicemail is revolutionizing the way people communicate through voicemails. It gives powerful features that make handling and managing your messages easier and more efficient than ever.

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Safe and secure

Customized Passcode Protection ensures that all your voicemails are safe and secure, even if you forget your pin code.

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Easy to use

One Touch Interface makes it easy to quickly listen, delete, save, or transcribe any message without confusing complicated menus.

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Keep updated

Rich Notifications keep you informed every step of the way, sending out an email orsms as soon as a new voice message arrives in your inbox.

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Reach customers quickly

Built-in language recognition lets you quickly get transcripts of each message, so you can reach out faster to customers who need assistance.

Advantage of Voicemail

At Letsdial, we understand the importance of having a good chat system to facilitate effective communication. That’s why we’ve developed an innovative chat program that offers six excellent advantages:


Voicemails from different people can be separated into multiple folders or inboxes for easier organization.

Rich media support

You can store audio, video, document, images, etc., as attachments to messages for easy access when needed.


Set up automated greetings that welcome callers to ensure they feel at home whenever they reach out to you.


Integrate with other apps and services like Slack and Email so that all your conversation information is organized.

Call Screening

Filter calls from unknown numbers directly into a separate folder or deletes them entirely if needed.


You can access your Voicemails from anywhere, on any device for uninterrupted communication on the go.

Why Choose Lestdial?

Letsdial offers so much more than just typical voicemail services. With Letsdial, you get instant access to all your messages in one convenient place. Get notified of missed calls with push notifications while you’re away from home or the office. Plus, never worry about missed conversations again with our transcriptions feature. You can view transcripts and quickly respond without listening to a single voice message. 

Why choose Lestdial