Send and Receive SMS

Send and Receive SMS

With a virtual number, you can send and receive SMS using the same stable messaging platforms. So say goodbye to the worry of your personal number being shared or exposed.

SMS Via A Virtual Phone Number

You can send and receive text messages via a virtual phone number. Virtual numbers also provide enhanced privacy and security for your communications. Your contacts don’t have to know your actual cell phone number, and no one will ever know you sent a certain message unless you choose to make that information known.
send and receive sms

Benefits of using
virtual number for SMS

By using our virtual number for SMS, you’ll get secure, reliable, and efficient communications. In addition, our top-of-the-line software has all the tools to make customer service more efficient than ever before.

Businesses can ensure hassle-free communication with customers and employees alike. The virtual number makes it easy to stay on top of customer requests and respond quickly through SMS to keep them happy and coming back for more.

Features of SMS through a virtual number

Send and Receive SMS

Enjoy group messages

Send and Receive SMS

Schedule automatic response

Send and Receive SMS

Mail Forwarding

User-friendly SMS Services

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Easy to Integrate

Letsdial provides users with a remarkable and extremely simple way to keep up with messages, as our communication is as effortless as possible.

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Let’sDial makes it easy to stay connected with customers and colleagues with user-friendly SMS services. Our platform offers simple and reliable connectivity.

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We offer reliability in message delivery, ensuring each messages arrives at its destination intact. Our service also sends sms efficiently and securely each time.

How Letsdial can Help You?

Letsdial is a modern solution for managing large volumes of incoming and outgoing calls. It provides a single virtual phone number that routes calls to your entire team. This powerful business VoIP service ensures that all your contact information remains up-to-date and organized in one place at all times. 

Send and Receive SMS