Call Waiting

With Call Waiting, you can be sure that your calls will never go unanswered. Whether you’re in a meeting at the office or out of town on vacation, this system makes it easy to make and manage incoming calls without ever missing one. When someone tries to contact you, they’ll hear automated greetings that tell them they have reached your number, allowing them to leave a message or connect to another line.


Features of Call Waiting

Call Waiting is an essential service that helps you stay connected with your contacts. Here are four amazing features you will get with this smart service: 

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Always be available

Customized Passcode Protection ensures that all your voicemails are safe and secure, even if you forget your pin code.

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Make your own decisions

One Touch Interface makes it easy to quickly listen, delete, save, or transcribe any message without confusing complicated menus.

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Get a proper notification

Rich Notifications keep you informed every step of the way, sending out an email or SMS as soon as a new voice message arrives in your inbox.

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Condense two conversations

And built-in language recognition lets you quickly get transcripts of each message, so you can reach out faster to customers who need assistance.

Advantage of Calling Waiting

Call Waiting service, you’ll get all four of these great advantages:

Interruption Calls

With Letsdial, Keep talking without worrying about an incoming caller cutting you off.

One Device

With one subscription and one device, enjoy a convenient connection with enough lines to keep your chats flowing.

Own Pace

Just because someone is calling doesn't mean your conversation has to end prematurely. Seamlessly switch calls while speaking.

Save Time

A blinking light on the device will let you know who'll be coming in the second line and save time by deciding whether or not you owe them a response right away.

Add Friends Easily

Finding new friends has always been challenging. Using our app's search feature, you can easily find people with similar interests that you want to chat with.

Fun Environment

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy; this adage rings true even when chatting and communicating online. So come along and enjoy a jovial atmosphere filled with fun.

Why Choose Letsdial?

We have some great features that will make your life easier. Our application has seamless integrations into all major landline systems. That means no additional hardware is required and no complicated installation process either; just one quick download is all it takes. Plus, our AI-powered auto-wait technology can detect when a call is coming in and notify you so you get it right away.