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call forwarding

Call forwarding is an efficient technology that helps businesses stay connected with their customers, clients, and employees by transferring calls between multiple numbers. It saves time and effort; there is no need to transfer calls or wait for lines to connect manually. In addition, with the JustCall Call Forwarding feature, your customers can easily leave messages or move from person to person.

You’ll be able to intuitively set up call forwarding in less than a minute and ensure you take advantage of potential deals or important conversations without investing in expensive equipment. In addition, our user-friendly personalized dashboard lets you easily see who’s been calling you and verify where calls were forwarded. Leveraging this simple yet powerful tool helps businesses better manage their customer communication process, increasing productivity and efficiency.

What is call forwarding?

Call forwarding is a revolutionary feature that enables callers to be automatically connected to a different remote number if their original call isn’t answered immediately. It allows businesses, individuals, and organizations to seamlessly ensure customer service and communication don’t suffer even if they aren’t available to answer calls. With this in mind, you can stay ahead of the game and ensure no customer ever gets left behind.

Which sectors required call forwarding?

Call forwarding is a game-changer for any business, big or small. Whether you’re running a retail operation, managing a customer service team, or keeping operations running in an industrial sector, forwarding calls can be essential for staying efficient and keeping customers happy.

1) Hospitality and Tourism: 

Modern vacationer expects their questions to be answered quickly and accurately. Call forwarding can ensure that your phones are always attended to, no matter the time of day or how busy the hotel’s staff might be.

2) Real Estate: 

Flipping houses or renting apartments? You need to stay on top of inquiries from potential buyers, landlords, and tenants. With call forwarding, you’ll always be close enough to pick up the phone and answer their questions promptly.

3) Healthcare: 

Doctors’ offices everywhere know that prompt customer service can make all the difference in someone’s medical situation. By taking advantage of call forwarding features, you can ensure patients’ queries get answered without worrying about staffing issues or coverage gaps. 

4) Retail: 

Big box stores aren’t the only ones who benefit from call forwarding; even small boutique shops need quick responses when customers have questions about products and services. Ensure your front-line staff is aware of unanswered calls while trying to take care of customers on the floor. 

5) Financial services: 

Skilled customer service reps are invaluable when it comes to answering sensitive financial queries, and the last thing you want is for those customers’ calls to go to voicemail. Call forwarding ensures that those queries get answered on time. 

There are many more sectors for whom call forwarding is a beneficiary, so start using call forwarding features and take your business to the next level.


Call forwarding with Letsdial. 

With Letsdial, you’ll have complete control over your incoming calls. We guarantee you’ll never miss an important call again. You can save time and money, and it is easy to forward calls from one number to another. Whether at work, home or out of town, our system will ensure your calls will never go unanswered.

Moreover, our system uses AI (artificial intelligence) technology to easily transfer calls from busy voice lines to free ones in real time. It’s designed for convenience, and the best part is that it can be tailored to suit your needs. For example, easily manage settings such as opening hours and individual greeting messages with just a few clicks.

The Benefits of using Letsdial Call Forwarding 

With our easy-to-use call forwarding system, you can easily and quickly ensure no opportunity is lost. Here are 5 amazing benefits you can look forward to with Letsdial:

1) Flexibility 

Moving home or traveling abroad doesn’t need to be a hassle with Letsdial, as your calls will automatically switch to any number of devices, whether it’s a landline, mobile, VoIP, or even a satellite phone.

2) Convenience  

Why miss out on important calls from your office phone when traveling for work? Just set up one of our numbers to redirect incoming calls straight to your preferred device and continue approaching everyday tasks without missing anything.

3) Security  

Calls between two private lines can stay secure and encrypted through let’s dial’s cloud platform. Great for sensitive topics like financials, health data, or just private conversations in general.

 4) Cost efficiency  

Our taxpayers won’t be happy shelling out extra charges that come with changing phone numbers or getting outdated call-forwarding systems installed in their phones. Instead, you can save money and time with our cost-effective monthly plans and an easily installable app.